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Unmarried Ministers Beware

Studying Revival History, I am fully amazed of how each revival sprung forth, how each revival flourished, and how each revival finished (or ended).

One of the things that finished the Azusa Street Revival was the fact that Seymour married. The marriage itself was not the problem. He did not marry wrongly, nor did he do anything ungodly. The fact is that he married and certain ones, mostly women, rejected the marriage. They were jealous of his marriage and probably jealous of the one whom Seymour chose as his wife.

Here are some rules that all unmarried ministers need to follow:

1. Do not date any woman from your congregation.

2. Do not marry any woman from your congregation.

3. Wisdom dictates that if you have been unmarried for all your life, it would be very wise for you to marry someone who has never been married.

4. Let your business be your business. The dating aspect of your life, as long as it is godly, needs not to be presented to the church.

5. Prepare for opposition. Prepare for some leaving, if you decide to marry. Try to be as private as you can until it must be told.

6. Prepare the church/ministry in all areas and especially financially.

7. Just because the person whom you marry is now one with you, that does not mean she has a right to have a position in the church/ministry. That is up to God.

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