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Attack Prayer

First - Repent:
Father, I repent of all my sins of thought, word and deed. I repent of my sins of omission and
commission. Father I ask for your forgiveness in the mighty name of JESUS and receive it by the
precious blood of JESUS CHRIST!

Second - Bind:
I bind my calling, my election, my healing, my wealth, my ministry, my gifts, and my promises of
GOD to me. I will not allow anyone to take them from me - they are MINE!

Third - Loose:
I loose all ungodly prayer against me and I send them back to the one who sent it for their instruction and correction. Now I apply the “TO EMA” blood of JESUS over my mind, my subconscious mind, my brain, my spirit, my soul, and my body.

Fourth - Break:
I BREAK all curses, hexes, spells, and all prayers over me contrary to the will of God for my life.

Fifth – Pray:
In the name of JESUS CHRIST, by the power of His cross, His blood, and His word, I bind the evil spirits, the evil powers, the evil forces of the earth, the underground, the air, the water, the fire, the netherworld and all other satanic forces of nature. I rebuke any curses, spells or hexes sent against me and send them directly to JESUS for Him to deal with as He will. Lord, I ask you to bless our enemies by sending your Holy Spirit to lead them to repentance. I bind all interplay, interaction, and communication of evil spirits. I claim the protection of the shed blood of JESUS CHRIST over any evil forces.

Sixth – Victory:
O Satan, O Satan, I have pronounced that I have victory over you. I openly and publicly announce and pronounce that I have won the victory over you in the name of Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, I have put my foot upon your neck, O Satan. I proclaim victory over my finances, over my wealth, over my health, over my job, over my children, over my mother, over my father, over my sister, over my brother, over my wife or husband, and over everything in my life. I have put my foot upon your neck, O Satan and I proclaim victory in the name of Jesus Christ. You shall not take from me any longer. I have put my foot upon your neck, and I say that enough is enough devil in the name of Jesus Christ. Now I take authority over my life, over my ministry and over everything in the name of Jesus Christ. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Warfare Prayer for Self, Home & Family 

I loose any spirit/influence that has come into my house that is not of God, nor comes from Him and I bind it from coming back; and I bind Satan’s attempt to undo what God has done; and I ask God to loose His power, His love, His joy, His peace, His holiness, His righteousness, and His glory within, upon and about my person, my family, my house and the things in my house, in the name of Jesus Christ.


I loose any curse or any kind of witchcraft spell from my person, my family, my house, or the things in my house, and I bind it from coming back. I bind Satan’s attempt to undo what God has done and I ask God to loose His power, love, joy, peace, holiness, righteousness, and glory within, upon and about my person, my family, my house, and the things in my house in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer for Spiritual Separation

I humbly request and petition You, O Lord, that You look upon me as separate from my relatives for my personal life and my spiritual walk with You. I reject, deny, renounce, and condemn all spiritual conditions of an evil nature that would affect, stop, or hinder the flow of blessings to myself and my immediate family. Lord, look to me and allow not anything that my ancestors have done or my relatives do to affect my relationship with You as pertaining to the blessings and the promises in Your Word.


I renounce, reject, and deny all contrary connections, all evil connections, all ungodly connections, all generational curse connections, and all worldly connections between my ancestors and relatives and me, O Lord, that will corrupt and hinder my place with You.

I renounce, reject, and deny any connection between me and my relatives that will hinder the blessings that You have promised in all areas of my life. Look to me, no one else. Do not judge me or my immediate family because of the sin, disobedience, and ignorance of my relatives. Lord, I petition You that You and I will form a covenant where all my relatives will not have an effect on my personal blessings and the blessings of my immediate family. I accept the destiny that You have promised. I can do nothing other than accept You and Your choice. I am bound to You, Lord, and no other.

O Lord, separate me spiritually from my relatives. Let me stand alone as You see me. You now see me united with my relatives as one whole. Let me stand alone, and You behold my obedience and judge me. Let not my relatives’ sins cause condemnation or judgment upon me or my immediate family. Lord, You looked to Daniel, bypassing the princes of Judah, and blessed the Jewish people because of Daniel*. Lord, do it again. I am seeking a spiritual separation, where You look to me and not my father, mother, sisters, brothers, or other extended family members. Look to me!

*See Daniel 9

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