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The Coming Revival of the Word and the Spirit

One of Wigglesworth’s prophecies states that the last great Revival will bring a marrying together of the “Word” and the “Spirit” in a way we have not seen before. There have been many Revivals involving the spoken ‘word’ in a major way – notably those of Edwards, Wesley, Finney, etc. And over the last century there have been many Revivals that majored on the Holy Spirit.

But this is to be one that involves a “marrying together” of the spoken-word type ministry and the Holy Spirit-focused ministry. What power will be released when this happens! Can you imagine the preaching of a ‘Charles Finney’ combined with the signs and miracles of a healing revivalist?

This is what is coming, not a revival of just signs and wonders, but a revival of preaching, repentence, holiness, and righteousness with signs, healings, and miracles.

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