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Visitations of Apostle Paul in the Last Days?

We must have a proper theology of the dead. Some in the prophetic movement claim that they are having visitations of the dead saints. Apostle Paul, David, Abraham, Ezra, and a host of other dead saints are proclaimed to be seen and heard. It is said that these dead saints are speaking to people, giving them insights into Biblical interpretation, their faith, and their lives. Those who are experiencing these visitations claim that all these visitations are within the bounds of Christian experience. But this is Spiritualism and Necromancy. Communication with the Dead is forbidden. It is not the dead, but demonic forces (Deut. 18:11; Isaiah 8:19; 1 Sam. 28; 1 Chron. 10:13).

Never allow a vision and other such experiences interpret Scripture. This is very dangerous. It does not follow the rules of interpretation for scripture. The more that you go into the spiritual realm, the closer you must be to the Word of God. Judge your experience by the Word of God, not the Word of God by your experience.

We are seeing great men and women of God throw away “Sola Scriptura,” and accept every wind of doctrine and every experience that can be seen. This is hard to believe. I have read several books written by great men of the church. They tell their experiences and tell very clearly that they have had communication with Paul and other dead saints.

People who were brought up to accept the Word of God as the final authority, now are throwing the Word of God away accepting whatever they experience as equal or above the Word of God.

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