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Things As They Are

Subject: YouthFire August-September 2002 Newsletter

Things As They Are

August- September 2022

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

The summer heat has broken, and we have been blessed with several cooler and even rainy days. I am grateful. Forgive this long delay in getting this newsletter out. There have been several unexpected events that have kept me from writing and sending it to you.

It has been said, and rightfully so, that truth is always the first casualty of war. We are right now in the greatest battle for truth that our nation, and the church, have ever known in this country. It has also been said that if you can change the language, you can change people’s ideas and perceptions about what is true. As believers, we must continue to stand on the plain Word of God regardless of what the world says. It has also been said that truth is truth, even if no one believes it, ad a lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it. We are truly in Romans 1 territory now, where humanity is exchanging the truth of God for a lie and worshiping and serving the creature, not the Creator. In a rather blatant show of that, the opening ceremony for the Birmingham Common games this year presented a massive ritual-like production in which a 30-foot or higher huge steam-breathing, eye-bleeding bull was brought out and was surrounded by people worshiping it. Some of the background narration said, “He will be revealed as an iconic symbol of light.” Revived Baal-worship! Right out of Revelation. A fulfillment of scriptures? More than likely, but please understand that the worldwide powers that be – the “global reset” people, the cabal, the top Luciferian leaders, do this as a way to mock the scriptures and believers in Jesus. They read scriptures, do what the scriptures say will happen in the last days, and laugh thinking they have the power to do this without consequence. But we as believers know, the reckoning is coming.

And we must be 1000% determined to stand on the truth of the scriptures regardless of the attacks, pressure, and persecution on the many issues they are trying to normalize, the ones God has clearly spoken of and about. The battle lines are being clearly drawn. The extinguishing of the Christian message and Christian ministries and messengers is a top priority for one-world globalists. We must be able to say like Luther, “Here I stand, I can do no other, God help me.”

A number of years ago, I got a very clear picture of how things were going to play out eventually, and it is sobering to see most of it coming to pass. I was not alone in this. In fact, David Wilkerson was given a clear vision of what was coming, including the collapse of the Soviet Union and a “baptism of filth” which clearly came through the birth of the internet and the availability of the worst kinds of pornography there is. It has crippled a generation of men (and also women) who even now are struggling to recuperate, get delivered, and extract themselves from it. And God can and will deliver them! God is raising up ministries to bring that freedom in Christ. (One I highly recommend is

But now this new generation has almost no boundaries or limitations on viewing pornography or sharing it with their friends.

In War of the Ages, I wrote about the progression of evil in a culture. I showed how the issues of drug abuse, pornography, abortion, and sexual promiscuity would gain strength and morph into increasingly destructive things. I did not expect so quickly that medical doctors would become experimenters on our children, drugging, mutilating, disfiguring, and confusing them for life in the name of “transgender compassion” – making exorbitant money profits in the process. But many people applaud them, and if you criticize these barbaric acts, you are the enemy of diversity and inclusivity.

As predicted, the next stage is being set up, one we have spoken of for decades. The moment has come when pedophiles worldwide will attempt to co-opt the civil rights movement model, which was stolen and modified by the LGBTQ for their own agenda. Using that model, predators are going to begin to demand their way of life be seen as a civil rights issue that deserves normalization, legalization, acceptance – and then access – to kids. It’s coming. You’re already seeing the “Love is Love” slogan being used in their camps. The rightfully called “groomers” in the media and music industry, the educational system, and now in progressive churches, have opened the floodgates on our teens and children, and the predators are coming for them. Unfortunately, children raised under modern media, music, and many educational settings are becoming the teenagers that are saying, “Who are you to tell me we can’t be with adults if we want?” Are we ready for that? Not even close. That is why I continue to raise the cry to get our youth ready to face what’s coming. No more “easy Jesus” youth groups! We need to raise up those who are strong enough to endure the fight, speak the truth of the word of God, love the worst, and walk in the power of God to fight spiritual warfare against the darkness with the confidence that this Gospel of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, still saves and sets free, delivers and prepares us for His soon return.

I also have a difficult but necessary word for all pastors & youth pastors with an ear to hear: With the lowering of all sexual standards and the growing influence of pedophile thought and political influence, it is crucial that we train and equip youth pastors to protect their kids from predators, and to keep themselves from all compromise, as some younger people will begin to become more sexually aggressive toward adults, Pastors, choose your youth pastors CAREFULLY! Train and equip them well. Predators are finding easier prey among a generation of youth who do not understand that predators will ruin their lives. “Love is love” is a lie if it means sacred boundaries around our kids and children are erased! I hope that is clear. Someone needs to do a pastor/youth pastor training on this upcoming issue!


On the Homefront, I have been diligently editing, doing several programs over the internet, continuing Monday Bible study, and doing podcasts and much paperwork. Please continue to pray that I can do all that is before me to do.


In 2000, I found a little church here in El Paso called St Matthew’s Lutheran church and found a home for 15 years with the pastor and people. It became CrossPoint Church, and the Pastor, Dan Sattelmeier and I have remained friends through easy and tough times and transitions. His totally unexpected passing last week has left us all stunned and grieving, even in the joy of knowing he really is Home, having fought a good fight and having kept the faith. He ran his race so well, and leaves a beautiful family who will miss him so much. Please keep them in your prayers: Darlene, his wife of a lifetime and a dear friend to all of us, his children and spouses Josh and Nicki, Isaac and Kristian, Caleb and Alexandria, Sara and Mark, and all their grandchildren. Pastor Dan left an incredible legacy in a godly marriage and family. And please pray for the new pastor, Kerry Boone, and his elders who now carry the responsibility for that church. And please pray for all of those, me included, who have lost a dear and precious friend and brother, for now. I am so thankful for Jesus, who went to prepare a place for us. It is not a dim hope but a living truth – absent from the body, present with the Lord! We are not Home yet, but when we go, we will have lost none of those that we gave back to Jesus for the present time! They are safe in His hands and will joyously welcome us when we get Home. Oh, thank you Jesus! I will miss my friend very much and I am thankful for the all-too-few moments we had together in the last 22 years.

More than ever, let’s stay prayed up, strong in the Lord and in the power of HIS might, diligent in the Word, and as we are able, pouring into others that which Jesus has poured into us. I am seeing many younger people taking the message of Jesus to their generation fearlessly and without compromise. Let’s invest all the prayer we can into asking for God’s protection over them and equipping them for this battle of the ages. And let us never forget or neglect to honor and care for all those who are the elders of our time, those who poured themselves out for their children and for the Kingdom of God.

God bless you all for your continued prayers and support!

In His Grace,

Gregory Reid

YouthFire Ministries

YouthFire is an affiliate of American Evangelistic Association

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