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The Me Christians

Thinking over the development of Seeker-Friendliness, I have come to a clear conclusion. The seeds that gave way to the success of Seeker-Friendliness and all that belongs to it must be seen to have been birthed at least forty years ago or more.

During that time, there arose a generation focused on themselves and their own amusement and comfort. This generation and the next generation want fun, amusement and comfort. A gospel that is formed or changed to that image will be greatly welcomed and the pastors who preach such a gospel will be very popular. But that is not the real Gospel. The real Gospel is not about feeding our flesh. It is not about amusement either. It is about decreasing so that He (Christ) can increase. It is about righteousness and repentance.

Amusement in the Churches will not affect the end desired by those who follow such techniques. In truth, it has and always will work havoc among young converts. We must understand that amusement within churches produce no sustaining converts. They will be those who go to and fro, with no foundation at all. The need now is re-visiting the realm of Biblical Doctrine, so understand and felt, that will set us on fire with a sustaining conversion.

The Modern Christians in America are the Me Christians, if something like that can truly exist. The Me Christian is a revelation to me. It explains the success of Seeker-Friendliness. It explains the growth of their churches. It explains any modern technique or theory that pulls the church away from its foundation. And it explains the shape and condition of the church in America as a whole. The Seeker Friendly churches are all about me, not about Christ.

Seeker Friendliness and its philosophy have made church “Play Time for Bonzo.” Many modern churches and their new techniques have made it almost impossible for any God-Loving, God-Honoring, and Bible Standing Pastor to have a church. The Me Christians must be changed and that is very hard for any to contend with. Me Christians must change; their flesh (self) must die.

The hippies of the 1960’s have invaded the churches with their Me Doctrine. Many of their followers are now in the pulpits. Their philosophy is an assault on the previous generations. It echoes we can do it better. It is all about marketing. It has nothing to do with the True Gospel regardless of any claim. It has been suggested that the Me Christians, if such exists, are a bunch of silly Children that have never grown up.

Christians, please listen! We are amusing ourselves to death within our churches.

The Me Christians requires several things.

  1. Me must be satisfied.

  2. Me must be amused.

  3. Me Must be comforted.

  4. Me Must not be offended.

  5. Me must be entertained.

  6. Me must not receive messages that will show repentance, righteousness, or a need to lead an Obedient Life before God and Christ.

  7. Me sees success in numbers, fancy dramas, money, and fame. Success in Christ Jesus is not this. It is learning to submit to Christ.

The True and Real Gospel, like always, will outlast the tide of modern inventions and prove to be the only sure means of salvation. But what about the Me Christians? The only hope for the Me Christian is to submit to change, accept the Real Gospel, accept the Real Word of God, and reject all amusement coming from the pulpit or within the church. Me Christians are lukewarm and defenseless against the wiles of the Devil.

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