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Pastors and Ministers whom we must all admire as Christians–list will continue to grow.

  1. All those who will not sale out.

  2. All those who will not compromise the Gospel for a check or for a better position.

  3. All those who adhere to the Doctrine of Christ.

    1. Deity of Christ.

    2. Humanity of Christ.

    3. Incarnation of Christ.

    4. Death of Christ.

    5. Resurrection of Christ.

  4. All those who adhere to the Essentials of Christianity.

  5. All those who are and will remain stable, never inconsistent in their stance for Christ and for Christianity, never falling into the traps of the Devil about money, pride, sex, doctrine, and other things which will be used against them.

  6. All those who are convicted, dedicated, committed, and consecrated to Christ.

  7. All those who pass the test of the Spirit through the Gift of Discernment.

  8. All those who are sold out to Christ, produce positive fruits, have the power of the Holy Spirit working through them, have the authority of Christ working through them, have the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as well working through them.

  9. All those who have some discernment and will not be caught up with the affairs of the world or anything that will take them away from Christ.

  10. All those who walk a holy walk with the Lord and who adhere to the tone, walk, and life in the Spirit.

  11. All those who will not allow the modern fades to find their way into their lives.

  12. All those who will not put manifestations above Christ.

  13. All those who will not follow false manifestations, false voices, false prophets, and false visions.

  14. All those who will follow the moving of the Holy Spirit and accept Him in connection to the Word of God.

  15. All those who will test everything by the Word.

  16. All those who will hold on to the norms of Christianity regardless of society.

  17. All those who will proclaim and hold to the fact that Jesus Christ is the only means of salvation.

  18. All those who will pray for their people, unselfishly, and seek the best for their people according to the will of God alone.

  19. All those who have the Gift of Discernment and reject the belief that all which glitters is of God.

  20. All those who will not change according to the times, since truth is perpetual and does not change.

  21. All those who believe that wealth is not a prerequisite of holiness.

  22. All who believe in holiness is a way of life, not a form of godliness, but a true holiness that works inside us and then outside of us to change us.

  23. All those who hold to the Trinity, and all other fundamental doctrines of the early church as seen in the Apostles’ Creed.

  24. All those who are not dead spiritually, not lukewarm, not backslidden, but will make all effort to reach out to God to seek His will, not their own.

  25. All those who are stable, not going to the left or the right.

  26. All those who are not liberal in the belief system and see the Bible as the Written Word of God.

  27. All those who accept that God will finally win and that evil will be destroyed.

  28. All those who will walk in humility, purity, simplicity, obedience, and faith before God without any pride or arrogance.

  29. All those who will fight and preach what is holy, right, and biblical regardless of how many come to the services.

  30. All those who will not bow down to change the Gospel for the ears of those who are backslidden.

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