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None But Christ!

John Lambert’s lasting words: None But Christ. John Lambert, an English reformer, Servant, and Martyr of God.

In 1538, Upon the day that was appointed for this holy martyr of God to suffer, he was brought out of the prison at eight o’clock in the morning unto the house of the Lord Cromwell, and so carried into his inward chamber, where as it is reported of many that Cromwell desired him of forgiveness for that he had done.

There, at the last, Lambert, being admonished that the hour of his death was at hand, he was greatly comforted and cheered; and, being brought out of the chamber into the hall, he saluted the men, and sat down to breakfast with them, showing no manner of sadness or fear. When as the breakfast was ended, he was carried straightway to the place of execution, where as he should offer himself unto the Lord, a sacrifice of sweet savour, who is blessed in his saints, for ever and ever. Amen.

As touching the terrible manner and fashion of the burning of this blessed martyr, here is to be noted, that of all other who have been burned and offered up at Smithfield, there was yet none so cruelly and piteously handled as he. For, after that his legs were consumed and burned up to the stumps, and that the wretched tormentors and enemies of God had withdrawn the fire from him, so that but a small fire and colas were left under him, then two that stood on each side of him with their halberts [a combing of spear and ax] pitched him upon their pikes, as far as the chain would reach. Then, he, lifting up such hands as he had, and his fingers’ end flaming with fire, cried unto the people in these words, “None But Christ, none But Christ;” and so, being let down again from their halberts, fell into the fire, and there gave up his life for the sake of Christ.

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