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Confronting the Jezebel Spirit within the Church

Over the years, I have noticed that the spirit of Jezebel will arise from time to time within the church, coming from people. You may just call it a controlling or dominating spirit.

I have read book after book on the subject. I have had several incidents when I am publicly tested by this spirit. It is preferable that it is done in private with witnesses, but on occasions, this occurs publicly, as I just said. Regardless of it being private or public, I have followed what every other minister/pastor has told me about confronting this controlling spirit.

Before telling people how to confront this spirit, I have noticed other points:

  1. The Jezebel spirit will try to embarrass the pastor or minister.

  2. The Jezebel spirit will try to confront the pastor or minister publicly.

  3. The Jezebel spirit will seek out a prophetic ministry or any ministry/church that is beginning with a pastor or minister lacking experience in dealing with people and especially the Jezebel spirit. This spirit hopes to infiltrate the ministry so that it can be destroyed.

  4. After the Jezebel spirit has been exposed, it will try to play the victim.

This is how pastors or ministers must confront this spirit:

  1. Pastors or ministers keep your ground.

  2. Stand firm against it, and it will backup.

  3. Do not believe it, even if it tells some truth.

  4. Have witnesses.

  5. There will always be a confrontation with this spirit. This spirit may choose the time and the place, but the pastor or minister will be ready if he is following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  6. In cases like these, it will be the Holy Spirit who will take over.

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