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God through the Storms gives a firm testimony that God is present for His saints even when life gets tough. My life is not an example of perfection, far from it. Instead, my life is an example of a willing and forgiven vessel that—though weathered and battered by the storms of life—the Lord could use. God has used my imperfections and removed them in His fiery furnace of trials and testing. These times were painful, and I thought that God was mistreating me. Still, despite my unpleasant experiences, God was working out a plan for the betterment of my life. In so doing, He prepared me for better jobs and worse battles that I was to face. It was impossible for me to survive or even prosper throughout my life without the Lord toughening and developing me for what was to come. God took nothing and made something out of it. My life was not only changed by the Lord, but my life also touched others. People saw the change in my life and wanted it for themselves. Knowing Christ will always result in a changed life. If there is no changed life, then there is no knowing Christ! The storms of life did not destroy me. Instead, they made me a well-developed saint, ready to lift up the cross and fight against the forces of evil. I was never a powder puff, snowflake, or tumbleweed Christian with no foundation. God molded me into an EFC—Effective, Forceful Christian. If only most Christians were Effective, Forceful Christians, then Satan and his forces would be pushed back, victory would come more often than defeat, and nations could be changed by another movement of the Lord.

God Through the Storms

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